The world's cuisine in Nijmegen

De Pelgrim is an explorer. A traveller. An epicurean. De Pelgrim is always looking for new sources of inspiration and brings these back home so you can experience them for yourself. Taste our wonderful menu with influences from the world's cuisine.

Exploring the world's flavours together

Enjoying food is best done together. De Pelgrim is the perfect place to go on a culinary adventure. Here, it feels like you're on a journey together, and you share that experience with each other. You can taste flavours from faraway places, just around the corner. We prepare dishes you've never heard of, with flavours you didn't even know existed.

" In De Pelgrim you can sit down and relax, with no pressure. We like to make a chat with our guests, so that they feel at home. People can order as much or as little as they like, and they can choose from a lot of variations and cultures. Since last month we have a new menu and we've tried everything and given our honest opinion. The waiting staff was really involved in that process. "

Jori, Manager

Relaxed atmosphere

De Pelgrim is a food bar and that means that you can eat as much or as little as you like. Our dishes are a little smaller, so you'll have more room to try many dishes. Are you not hungry though, but just looking to enjoy a drink? No problem. Food and fun go hand in hand, with a warm atmosphere and a friendly, personal service.

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