De Pelgrim gets around. He travels the world barefoot, on a pilgrimage to the tastiest of places. Asia, the Americas, Africa… De Pelgrim has seen - and tasted - just about any place or dish you can imagine.

The most remarkable dishes are brought back to Nijmegen, to the home of De Pelgrim. This means that our menu is chock full of dishes you've never had before, with preparation methods you've never heard of, and flavours you've never tasted before. From Singaporean laksa to Moroccan apple pie, from Antillean galiña di smoor to a white chocolate cheesecake, from tempeh gyros to a sweet spring roll. When you're at De Pelgrim, it's as if you go on a journey yourself, tasting the flavours of the world.

" It's a lot of fun to work here. I think De Pelgrim is a place where people can feel at home, and there's always a good atmosphere. You can sit down and relax, and you don't even have to eat - you can also come over for just a drink. "

Pleun, Waiting staff


De Pelgrim is a food bar. That means you don't have to choose one large dish. Instead, you can pick various smaller dishes. And a good thing, too! We have so many remarkable and delicious dishes in our menu, that it would be a shame to just try one. Our smaller dishes are ideal for sharing. Can you imagine anything better than enjoying good food together? So have a seat and let yourself be surprised. You can now find the best flavours in the world, right around the corner!

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